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Andrea Mitchell Praises Lefty Protests, After Being Frightened by Tea Party


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* This is the bias constantly seen from the liberal MSM:


At the top of her 12 p.m. ET hour MSNBC show on Tuesday, anchor Andrea Mitchell enthusiastically touted liberal protesters showing up to congressional town hall meetings: “Republican Congress members getting an earful back home as they prepare to rollout their plan to repeal ObamaCare.” However, back in 2010, Mitchell was frightened by such “angry” displays by Tea Party demonstrators attending public meetings with Democratic lawmakers.

Leading off a panel discussion later in the show, Mitchell played a clip of an unidentified man lecturing Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley at a town hall appearance that morning:

I'm on ObamaCare. If it wasn't for ObamaCare, we wouldn't be able to afford insurance. With all due respect, sir, you're the man that talked about the death panels. We’re going to create one great big death panel in this country that people can’t afford to get insurance. Don't repeal ObamaCare! Improve it, for God's sakes!

His declaration was met with roars of applause from left-wing attendees who packed the event. After the footage, Mitchell gleefully proclaimed: “Well it is a reverse image in town halls across the country. There you are in Iowa, you’ve got angry constituents venting about health care. This time it isn't the Tea Party fighting ObamaCare, it's ObamaCare recipients, you heard that man, angry that Republicans like Senator Grassley want to take it away.”

In stunning contrast to such fawning coverage, during the rise of the Tea Party movement in 2010, Mitchell appeared on NBC’s December 27 Meet the Press and warned:

There's an anger out there, and I have not seen it since my very first campaign, which was 1968 and George Wallace.
And that is the angry populism which is not fact-based, it's just furious at everybody; angry at Democrats, at Republicans. The Tea Party has higher numbers in our last NBC News/
Wall Street Journal
poll than either of the other traditional parties.
And that is what I think this news cycle which you referred to is feeding into, and that is what does frighten me.
This spirit of America is so large and embracing, but
there is an angry subtext because of economic dislocation that is very, very worrisome.



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The Washington Post Beclowns Itself With A New Anti-Trump Slogan

Just a couple of short weeks ago, President Trump’s adviser, Steve Bannon, labeled the press as the “opposition party.” A few were offended, mostly those who are in the media or those who reflexively go anti-Trump at the drop of a hat, but he media has made it very clear that the see themselves as the only force able to stop Trump. To make it very clear to everyone what kind of coverage you can expect to find in its pages, the Washington Post has adopted a new slogan:


“Democracy Dies in Darkness,” a phrase used by Bob Woodward only this past Sunday, refers to excessive government secrecy.


The irony is that a) Woodward is right and B) absolutely no one in the media cared about this fact for the past eight years and c) Woodward doesn’t mention that democracies also die when their press becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of one of the political parties. In particular, the Washington Post fits the description of a highly partisan media outlet masquerading as a news organization. Since Trump has been in the White House the Washington Post has run one story after another than have proven totally false (for example, he story that senior State officials had resigned en masse when they had been fired and that alleged confrontation between Steve Bannon and John Kelly).



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Why Did the Washington Post Let Democrat Operative Edward Price Lie To Their Readers?

Earlier in the week the Washington Post ran an op-ed by a guy named Edward Price titled I didn’t think I’d ever leave the CIA. But because of Trump, I quit.


In the op-ed this ferret-faced goober portrayed himself as a devoted, apolitical civil servant who was to offended by Donald Trump’s mere existence that he could not only no longer stomach working on the National Security Council, he couldn’t even stand to work in the same government.


I was very skeptical of the story at the time and that skepticism has been proven well-founded.

Here are the facts.


Edward Price is known professionally as Ned Price. Why did he publish under Edward and not Ned? Because he didn’t want his name to be immediately recognized.


Edward Price is a democrat apparatchik and political activist who has burrowed his way into the CIA.


Edward Price was up to his beady and close-set eyes in Ben Rhodes’ infamous “echo chamber” project. This was essentially an illegal propaganda campaign targeting a cadre of particularly credulous and politically sympathetic journalists to consciously misrepresent the Iran nuclear deal to the American public.


Edward Price was a maxed out Hillary political donor


There is exactly one reason why a wage slave like Price makes sacrifices to donate $5 grand to Hillary. He wants a job in her administration.


Now the picture is becoming more clear. Price was obviously being sent back to his home agency because the new administration didn’t have a slot for an utterly disloyal little f*** who had a track record of lying to America. He didn’t want to go back to a low profile job at CIA so he took the opportunity to make a splashy resignation.


The bigger question is why did the Washington “Democracy Dies In Darkness” Post allow Price to publish this op-ed without informing their readers of the man’s true background? The answer is obvious. They no longer even pretend they are not a propaganda organ. This has been proven several times over the past month. They thought this was a clever hit on Trump and as the Post has passed through that gate leading to a post-truth world they ran with it.



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