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Hillary Clinton has a New Message for Leftist Agitators


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Hillary Clinton has a message for staged, George Soros-funded progressive leftist agitators who have been disrupting GOP congressional town halls around the country because of their deep-rooted hatred for President Donald Trump — “keep fighting” and to “keep the faith” (this to the party who booed God three times) in the progressive (communist) ideology that led to her crushing loss.


The entire slightly over three-minute message is below. If you can stand to hear her voice again, watch below.



*Someone posted earlier they thought Clinton would run again in 2020 and I disagreed but not so sure anymore.


* Had to LOL when she says thanks to Donna Brazille...the one who gave her debate questions beforehand (isn't that called cheating?) and which Hillary earned an Oscar performance in acting like she was just hearing the question for the first time at the debate.

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Would it surprise anybody if Warren ran with Van Jones as vp ?


the democratic party is gone... fewer and fewer will be fooled by them anymore.


but so many corrupt, selfish socialist losers... just weird.

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