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Guys. It's Monday morning and I'm posting this just as it was written, no edits. Hopefully these are all final and not rough draft. (kind of hard to tell given my recent state of disarray.) As most of you know I've been in the hospital for the last couple weeks and really haven't had the chance to work on this as I would have liked to so those predictions are from a while back.

Before I went in I did get to see all the best picture nominations and below are my opinions.





So for this issue we had an early deadline meaning that it's a little bit difficult for me to give a good preview. Various conditions that affect the winners and losers include the changing tides of the buzz the odds and probably the alignment of the stars and arrangement of the tea leaves. Again I am annoyed that there are nine nominees which I think forces them to include movies I wouldn't consider for Best Picture. But some thinkind it opens up the field so and it does sell tickets...


As we get closer to Oscar time I'll post a better prediction on Westside Steve Simmons Facebook page. For now a quick rundown of the nine best picture nominations.


We will start with the least likely and move down to the more likely.



9 MOONLIGHT. I didn't like it thought it was dreary and unpleasant, and almost nobody saw it.


8 LION. It wasn't particularly unpleasant but I didn't think it had much to draw one into the screen or the story.


7. MANCHESTER-BY-THE-SEA. Another dreary film that got some early critical attention but I think it's been forgotten.


6. HACKSAW RIDGE it's a really good film but I figure the academy and the Hollywood liberals are still mad at Mel Gibson.


5. HELL OR HIGH WATER. Too much like the Coen brothers NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. We all love Jeff Bridges but I don't see an Oscar for the film.


4. ARRIVAL. Gotten more critical acclaim than I would give it, a derivative and ham-handed sermon about accepting outsiders.


3. FENCES. Maybe the best film of the bunch, I wouldn't be unhappy to see it win best picture or best actor for Denzel Washington or both.


2. HIDDEN FIGURES. A lightweight but positive and entertaining )and most importantly politically correct) film that did surprisingly well with the precursor Awards


1 LA LA LAND. I wouldn't give best actor consideration here and I don't think the film is as good as Fences but even though Ryan and Sarah are no Fred and Ginger it's something completely different.



Just guessing so far gang. Estimates are liable to change as we get closer to the ceremony. Don't bet anything you can't afford to lose.



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