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The disgrace of what used to be the American democratic party


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It isn't what it used to be, it's gone. It's now globalist, and hate. Like so many mass groups

of haters - the "dems" are no longer loyal to America, they hate and want to be loyal

to something that is on a higher plane - they are loyal to an ownership of the world,

an all powerful global utopia.


It's happened so often throught history. Soviet Union, communist china, ottoman

empire, roman empire, we have the UN that looks to own and run the world,

had the nazis looking angrily and severely arrogantly and dangerously to own the world,

and radical islamic terrorists looking to own the world... socialist party "workers of the world

unite"..... the stupid song "we are the world"....


It's the ultimate elitism. Belonging to a gigantic, entire world control force. The greatest

crimes against humantiy - all done by the hate people, who demand to control everything

on the planet, everywhere on the planet.


That is the liberal/progressive/communist outlook of the democratic party now.

It is anti-American anything. Our American soldiers, Christian kids wanting to

silently pray over their lunch, Christian bakers, the American insitution of Real Marriage,

our Flag, our Constitution, even obamao and his foot on the Resolute Desk in the oval office,

the sancity of unborn life...the list is long.


We have had obamao with communists in his cabinet, who had communist mentors,

favorite socialist professors. He had Van Jones, an avowed communist. He had the Muslim

Brotherhood close to him and favored them. Valerie Jarrett was a communist.


Obamao/clinton/etc...all haters, all profanely arrogant - defiant like the nazis on trial

after WWII. Taking their anger out on everything American. Everything conservative,

everything - even to sitting and pouting during the tribute to Chief Owens, a Fallen

Soldier, during the State of the Union address, with his Wife crying over the honor.


Having communists in his cabinet is telling - that is who the democratic socialist/communist

party is. That explains exactly who they are, in effect and behavior, their hateful actions,

their extreme destructive arrogance. They have come out of the closet, and there is

an entire movement. Like the nazis after WWII, they are angry they didn't achieve that

power over everything. And they are dissing everything American out of spite.


The cartoon is quite valid - the communist attitudes, and associations can't be ignored

any longer. It is who they are, and they have provided the proof. They've finally "come

out of the closet".




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read on:


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I won't post them, because some liberals hate that.


But anyone can Google this and see all the links:


"democrat communist ties"


You'll be amazed at the results. The American communist party is all over the democratic party.

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