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Socialist Geese

Herman M

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Socialist Geese




One of the iron laws of both government and human behavior is you get what you reward. If you reward folly, you will get more folly; if you do not, you will reduce folly. The USA economy rewards folly at an amazing rate these days. It is showing the strain; eventually, it will break under it. Some of the people and institutions can be fools all of the time; many of them can be fools some of the time, but, we have a situation, in economic terms, where all of them are fools are all of the time. What we are witnessing today's economy is nothing less than the ratification of the statement: stupidity should be painful. The quality of modern economic thought, the media coverage of economic topics and the popular understanding of economic issues have never been lower. Not one in 1000 Americans has any idea why the US fiat dollar is collapsing under the weight of debt, credit and ignorant fiscal policy; yet, every one of them will deal with those effects. I believe planned ignorance is the result of our Imperial Lords and their schemes. The result of which has been the final end of the American Republic on October 3rd 2008. Now that the Obamabots are giving us Clinton 2 we will see the above principles become national policy.


What got me to pondering all this was a walk along the Willamette River today and a flock of Canada geese. As I walked along the thought struck me, "Why are these geese still here?" The normal behavior of geese is certainly not to hang around downtown Portland when they should be sunning themselves in Palm Beach. The normal behavior has been altered by human interaction: the geese have found a free lunch. Whoever said there is no such thing as a free lunch obviously doesn't know anything about socialist geese. Normal geese wouldn't let a human being within shotgun range of them. Normal geese wouldn't land on the grass, next to sidewalks full of people and streets full of noisy automobiles. These are not normal geese. And in their story, I feel a good explanation for exactly why the USA is the way it is. America is full of mooches and the problem has got so bad even the geese are turning into them. Obamabots are the human version of this.


The great economic problem of American moochism, surely it rates an ism just like communism, or capitalism, has been building a long, long time. It has created an economic situation where all economic classes, from Enron to the welfare queen, mooch away with gleeful abandon. Moochism is as prevalent in the boardrooms and among the CEO's of large corporations as it is among illegal immigrants and the hordes of welfare poor. In fact, I would say moochism has replaced capitalism in the modern USA today. Moochism, by the way, is derived from the Disney movie character from my youth in the 1950's called Moochie. Moochie had an uncanny ability to "mooch" his way through every situation without actually doing anything. It is that ability to reap the rewards of hard work, of productive endeavor and diligent industry without, of course actually working, producing or being diligent which is the economic foundation of the modern America. The Clintons first created the open pandering to the urban mob now perfected by Obama. And the combination of the open corruption and sleaze of the Clintons, along with the insolence, arrogance and ignorance of Obama and his Obamabots, will give us not only socialist geese, but Marxist ones. We have come full circle in America: our first presidents couldn't tell a lie and all our recent ones couldn't tell the truth. In the case of Obama, he doesn't even understand what truth is.


Perhaps I should start a series of seminars on Moochism, or a series of books on video on how to use the philosophy of moochism to get rich, achieve political power and become successful in the United States. If Franklin or any of the economic writers from the early period of American history had only known this truth, the early bird only gets the worm until the mooch takes it away from him. Opportunism as economic policy has now arrived. Look at the bailouts and tell me I am wrong.


Ah, you will say it is not that bad and all it would take to enlighten the socialist geese of their errors is one shotgun blast. True, but it will never happen. One person actually had the lunacy to shoot one of the trusting, socialist geese as they waddled around in blissful ignorance of their place in the food chain. Alas, it was in Oregon City and shall never happen again. It is now a criminal offense to shoot our little trusting socialist geese. A crime against moochism which will not be tolerated among the populace. The outrage was intense. The anger measurable! Truly it can be said of our times: kill tens of thousands in Rwanda and Dufur, but touch not the whales, the baby seals and the socialist geese. Kill all the humans you want, but leave the cuddly and furry animals alone.


For the city of Portland the result of socialist geese and their permanent mooching is the unpleasant specter of goose poop all over the grass by the River Place development. The taxpayers have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to develop grassy areas, condos, restaurants and the like: all to have it buried under a pile of goose droppings. A better editorial comment on the state of the American economy I couldn't have come up with no matter how much beer I drank. Yours truly has sat on that same grassy area, with thousands of others listening to the Oregon Symphony play the 1812 Overture, all the while looking very carefully where I sat. Such is the irony of moochism. Moochism is good for the moocher, but not so good for the moochee, or the one mooched off of. For if the idea of a free lunch has great appeal in modern America, I understand the true costs. Your perspective on the free lunch depends on whether you are just eating it, have to produce it, pay for it and wash the dishes. Under Bush, Clinton and Obama the American middle class will finally be killed off. Between the bail outs, the new entitlements for the urban mob and the general economic collapse engineered by the NWO, the middle class will be sucked dry.


The fundamental problem of the US economy is the ratio of moochers has risen so high it is overwhelming the moochees. I would demand of the green movement, with its love affair of the endangered species act, what about the moochees? Surely, the number of hard working, honest, play by the rules Americans is declining faster than the spotted owl or the California Condor? Yes, the number of takers is exploding quicker than the budget deficit and faster than the sound of a speeding bullet. It is the givers, those who actually put something back into American society which are becoming as extinct as the dodo bird. These productive types, commonly called chumps by our Imperial elite, are going the way of the American Bison, kept in zoos and for the amusement of Ted Turner on large ranches somewhere. Why, even when I was a young man you could still find millions of these chumps around, but today they are being hunted down by corporate mooches, welfare mooches and that most lethal of mooches, the government mooch until they are few and far between. Yes, the American moochee, also known by the elite as the American chump, is nearly extinct. It takes a serious kind of fool to think working hard in America today will get you anything but a tax leech on your wallet.


We may be sure the socialist geese will live long and prosper under Obama and his Obamabots. We may be sure they will last until the human mooches find out there are no more moochees to mooch from. At that point, the mooches might just eat them. Even now, a too trusting goose finds a one way ticket into a homeless camp under a bridge. At any rate, I am sure that our artificially created socialist geese will eventually see the light. The only question for me is whether the long suffering American chump, those strange people who actually believe in hard work and all that ancient stuff, will figure out the economic game is rigged and wise up. We'll see. One thing is for sure, all this gets my gander so to speak.



Doug McIntosh




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