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Logan review

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R. 141 min



I think I may have mentioned in the past that I'm getting just about sick of superhero films and I have always been a big fan of superheroes. It kind of sucks that there seems to be one released every week and 9 out of 10 are primarily the exact same crap. They start with some cock-and-bull excuse for a plot and then spend two plus hours beating the shit out of each other smashing buildings and pummeling each other with Planes Trains automobiles, you name it.


As I have also mentioned Marvel is not above lifting ideas from DC Comics but I must admit in many cases they do a very nice job. Especially in the case of the X-Men based loosely DCs Legion of Superheroes, but taken into far more depth and to very great success.


Probably the most notable member of the X-Men is Wolverine partially because it's a cool character and partially because of the charisma of Hugh Jackman.


The Wolverine character has been strategically moved toward the outcast status in order to make it easier to produce films just about him and this one is the coup de gras.


As often I recommend you might consider this a spoiler alert and I think you should probably see this one if you have the slightest bit of interest, because in my opinion it's one of the best superhero films of all time.


Logan, or Wolverine, is getting old, his famous beard is turning grey, he doesn't heal up as quickly or as fully as he did in his younger days and the toll on his body from the constant abuse and the fact that his mutant metal skeleton is slowly killing him. He has basically dropped out of life earning a few bucks here and there in order to pay for medicine to keep his old mentor, professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart), as close to life as possible. The old man is dying of a rare brain disorder and given his special gift when the brain goes into seizures it has severe repercussions on the world around him.


Flashback to a secret Laboratory in Mexico. Oftentimes in films about humans with extraordinary powers the antagonist winds up being a rogue elements of the military wishing to use these people as weapons. There have been some terrible experiments going on South of the Border where children are kidnapped and turn into just that type of creatures. As this turns out to be too much trouble for the bad guys a decision is made to wipe these children out. At least one, Laura (Dafne Keen), a little girl with physical features and power remarkably similar to those of Wolverine, escapes with the aid of a nurse who seeks out Logan and pleads with him to protect her.


Logan reluctantly accept the responsibility to take her to what he believes is a fictitious place called Eden where there are supposedly other young survivors similar to her. Logan Laura and Xavier embark upon a cross-country road trip trying to stay one step ahead of the evil military forces bent on their destruction.


One thing that surprised me pleasantly was the fact that the bulk of this movie is human (sort of)interaction and the idea of a dying man pulling it all together for one last honorable quest. Other characters weave their way in and out of the story before it all comes to a climax both tragic and hopeful.


Not only one of the best superhero movies ever but one of the best movies of any kind so far this year.





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