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The Republican conundrum


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So I guess you always have to take the advice of the opposition with a grain of salt.


US voters are like the guy in the joke deciding among three potential wives.

He gave each 100 dollars one started a business one created a great work of art one found a cure for cancer.

His selecction?

The one with the biggest tits.


The republican party will be back in due time.

People will realize they're really not happier after a few years and be disappointed the democrats failed to bring them joy.

Then it will start over.


But seriously the republicans did move left with McCain and lost big.

No point in emulating ther other guy. Opposition voters will go with the real one no matter what and the rest dont respect a poser.


The Dems are in charge.

Might as well just serve as the opposition for now.


Music example.

When Nirvana (or the Beatles Stones Springsteen etc) was king shit there were a lot of imitators but the fakes don't last.

If it "tastes like chicken" then you might as well eat chicken.


As to a third party I think it's a great way to assure that 60% of voters hate you right off the bat.



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