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The left's attempted coup over Trump...backfiring - Rep governors get bigger $$$$


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the msm leftism is out in the open now. LIberals use to protest that the bigotry against conservatives

didn't exist.


they just can't deny it anymore. And when the previous "president" criticized our Constitution,

lied and covered up Benghazi, fast and furious, IRS, etc etc scandals, openly went with the opposite

of what he campaigned on on several major issues....and ran us down as a country overseas.....


now the left can't wait to force a scandal on Trump where there isn't one out of sour grapes

after losing the election. They didn't care about russians trying to influence for higgardly...

didn't want to taint her expected mandate...


but when she lost, NOW they are "engraged" about russian attempts to influence.


The russians had every reason to want the dems to stay in office. mostly because, the dems

don't make decisions to annoy them when they do stuff like taking Crimea.


I think if higgardly had won, there would be Constitutional turmoil over domestic issues so much,

that Russia would have taken all of the Ukraine by now.


After all, the dems did NOTHING about benghazi.....

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