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Creationists Avoid $700,000 In Taxes By Selling 'Ark Encounter' Land To Themselves For $10


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So, did the camel's on Noah's Ark come with or without needles? http://www.ibtimes.com/creationists-avoid-700000-taxes-selling-ark-encounter-land-themselves-10-2567958


Keep up the great work, Matt Bevin. Lol.


must be a libtard... I mean who else is screaming against the loophole on regulations if only because the shrewd christian organization is using it?


fits your theology to a tee though, regulations - good, freedoms & liberties - baadd

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and the libs anti-Christain hate garbage rolls on. but the court ruled against the dems.


but that head of the atheist org...still says it's against ....


yeah. they don't care about facts unless they get to decide which facts matter.



But it almost didn’t happen. Last year, the previous Democratic state administration restricted the offer, saying the public’s money should not be used for a religious purpose. The state argued Answers in Genesis's plan to require a “statement of faith” from all new ark employees would be discriminatory.

Answers in Genesis then sued in federal court and won. U.S. District Court Judge Gregory F. Van Tatenhove ruled in January that excluding the ark project from the incentive program "is a violation of AiG’s rights under the First Amendment to the federal Constitution.”"

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AND they take back the rainbow! tough skittles LGBTQXYZ....



Exactly. Fags stole the word 'gay' and also the rainbow color to try and make themselves look better. They are disgusting.

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