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National Reciprocity (concealed carry) petition


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it's important. We should be able to travel from state to state without being arrested harrassed, etc...


even though we have qualified and are licensed to carry. It's out 2nd Amendment.



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cannot negate our U.S. Constitution - and cannot negate our 2nd Amendment.


Do you really not understand that? States rights, for example, pertains to legalizing weed.


See, there is no place in our Constitution where it says that Americans have an inalienable right

to own and smoke pot, and it shall not be infringed.


states rights end where the Constitution establishes our God-given rights.


Come on, Woody. Please admit you understand THAT.

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right to bear arms. it doesn't end at state borders. "shall not be infringed" ...you can support open carry reciprocity if you like,


but I prefer concealed carry for several reasons.

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The 2nd amendment says you can take a concealed weapon whenever you like?

Because I'm pretty sure that's not what is says...

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.


That's it.


But gun portability is a great idea to eliminate the current confusing situation. I'm 100% for it!

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"Keep and bear arms" meaning "To have them on one's person and concealed at all times" is your interpretation.


As long as a state isn't banning guns, it isn't removing your right to keep and bear arms.



When a state can overrule the 2nd Amendment, and make it illegal to transport a gun in your car across state lines

while traveling...


that bans your gun. While you are traveling cross country, trying to avoid states that are trouble, but in some city,

you happen to get checked in some dui screening stop...and you have your gun with you in the car....


you can't be said to be a criminal, since federal law, our Constitutional law, overrides state law. Except it is happening.

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