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Well, that's awkward...


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not really. obamao and the rest of his crime syndicate never had the msm nipping at their heels from

even before his inauguration, etc.


There was never a near civil war declared over obamao winning.


but it's very serious with Trump. That is the left. The left is now turning dangerous,

like the old sandanistas in Nicaragua, or the castros in Cuba.


Seems very much like what used to be the democratic party is now a communist mafia brownshirt

kgb terror clown city party.


Trump is ruffling washington feathers for our Constitution, and for fighting the do nothing/fear the

commies swamp.


That is why we made him president. He actually means to drain the swamp and build the wall.

Any turmoil is expected, and forced to be worse by the left.


Have a nice day, hope to see you booted out of our gov soon, commies.

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Nope. That would mean I'm in denial that you are a woodpecker... and everybody else knows that isn't true.


so, your parroting of my creative verbage is flattering.

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