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Why liberals want gun registration - they are happy when this happens


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and they just don't care. They get to notch a "victory" over the rest of Real America

that they don't want to be part of.


Note - liberals fight registration to vote - but fight FOR the registration of guns...

because of their own political benefit being their idol.



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and any stupid-ass stinking phony snowflake excuse will be used by them.


Like adopting a child. They insist that since they control that...

they insist on you giving up your guns.



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This is exactly that we get from liberals - mmgw fraud lies and distortions... and the same about most any other

fake cause they have. If lying makes them happy, they will LIE.


"Figures don't lie, but liars do figure, and nowhere is that more obvious than in twisted and misleading polls."



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