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Bloodline Season3





Well friends this is just a follow-up to our previous discussion of the Netflix series about the trials and tribulations of a prominent Florida family, the Rayburns, whose lives, due to a series of extraordinary events, have gotten out of control. Those of you who are fans of binge-watching cable TV series and have not yet started on BLOODLINE I suggest you do so as its one of the best Ive seen. As a matter of fact I wouldnt read any more of this until youve made the decision to start or not to, I dont want to spoil anything. For those of you who are familiar we remember that the black sheep Danny had gotten into illegal and dangerous territory that threatened to take down the entire respectable clan. We have a vague idea of why father hated Danny and even a better idea of Dannys fate at the hands of his siblings and the impending cover-up. After the second season the chiselers at Netflix decided to pull the plug on the series allowing the writers and producers a scant 10 more episodes for a final season of a series that had been planned for at least six. That means the writers were forced to come up with an endgame and put all of the previous skullduggery into perspective, no small task. As for the characters, those of which who hadnt just quit the series, who are still on the payroll will be returning in flashback sequences. As we watched season 3 I got the distinct feeling that the crew members were either pissed off at the premature death sentence, or freaked out by the idea they had to wrap it all up in a short time, and that shows in two ways. Some of the episodes were just indecipherable flashback upon flashback. The good guys, the bad guys, the danger, the cover-ups then all got forced together barreling toward some sort of an ending like a runaway train and seemed to go off the tracks when we get to the final two episodes. I would imagine those of you who were so fascinated by season 1 and 2 were shaking your heads at the end of season 3. I know I was. Im not quite sure if this will spoil you on watching the series if you have not yet done so, it really is wonderful for the first two seasons. Even more annoying that the bean counters at Netflix bailed on one of their best series. Seems to me they could have canned a couple of their other sloppy, cheap ass series and invested in a little bit of quality for my 10 bucks a month but then again my name isnt on the lease.


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