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A bit of Demography Fluff

The Gipper

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Here is something of minor note:  these are the biggest cities (by population) in the USA by each letter of the Alphabet:

A.  Austin TX

B. Boston Mass.  (recently overtook Baltimore)

C. Chicago

D. Dallas

E. El Paso

F. Ft. Worth TX

G. Greensboro NC

H. Houston

I. Indianapolis

J. Jacksonville

K. Kansas City Mo.

L. Los Angeles

M. Memphis (over Miami/Milwaukee/Minneapolis)

N. New York City

O. Oklahoma City

P. Phoenix AZ  (recently overtook Philadelphia)

Q. Quincy, Mass.

R. Raleigh NC

S. San Antonio TX  (recently overtook San Diego)

T. Tuscon AZ

U. Utica NY

V. Virginia Beach Va.

W. Washington DC

X. Xenia, OH

Y. Yonkers NY

Z. Zanesville, OH

Texas has 6 cities leading this list, NY has 3, Ohio, NC and Ariz. have two each

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