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MLD Woody

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This reeks of a Tommy sell out that Ghoolie mentioned in a post that may happen mid August?.Maybe even to Hoolie. Am packed up to leave after tonight's Browns game to head to Little League WS in Williams port, Pa. Some may know am living in Greenville,NC & these great kids with coach Brian Fields will win this thing..Sorry Texas;) fans.. Hope am wrong & back in a week..Go Browns!!..Go Greenville,NC sweep in Wednesday!!

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9 hours ago, jcam222 said:

The one thing I loved on th old format was when I clicked on a thread it took me to the last post I read in th thread. 

Definitely agree with this, having to scroll past things you've already read is a little time consuming. 

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Thanks for bearing with us on the upgrade in software on the site. Each time there is an update, the theme (colors) get reset back to default (blue).

We are still becoming familiar with a new Admin control panel as well as the forum itself, so we aren't over the hump yet.

One thing I did notice is that between my Admin account and my personal account is that the sites colors were different. To turn the site to a Browns theme, at the bottom of the page select THEME > Browns and it rids the pages of that ugly Blue Dental theme.

There are some new emoticons to get gay with and some "like" or "vote" options crap.

This was a COMPLETE UPGRADE that we have been prompted to make for some time now (2012). It's taken us to a Cloud-based platform and there will be plenty to get use to.

First order of business this morning was to try to counter a small influx of spam that made it through the new security system, we apologize for that. Same settings as we always had, just a loop-hole in the new system that we hope we have already fixed.

If anyone has any suggestions or discovered a better means of navigating the site, please share with others.

Thanks again for weathering the construction dust.

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18 hours ago, Dutch Oven said:

Have all your 18,000+ posts been as immature and pointless as your last two on this thread?

No, some have been far more so on both counts...

14 hours ago, jcam222 said:

Not a fan of the upgrade so far. The one thing I loved on th old format was when I clicked on a thread it took me to the last post I read in th thread. I also prefer seeing the last posters name not icon. 

Click on the Star... takes you to first unread post.

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56 minutes ago, Tour2ma said:

I did the theme change... still too much white background compared to the prior page views.

It gives the retinas a nice dark tan. 

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This smells of a Ghoolie TBB purchase? Not to anyone who knows me. The only way I would purchase this board is if I believed I could add to it; to make it more enjoyable for everyone. Inside interviews, give-aways, Surprise guest visits into the tavern.

Look, you cunttards, I don't need to buy jack shit to piss you lame, weak-ass sissies off. I have been doing that for free for 20 years now. 


And really............. if I bought it and wanted to fuck it up..............you think THIS is exemplary of my twisted brain? Turning it blue? If I wanted to fuck it up it woudl be black and piss yellow; you would all have Steeler screen names. I would suspend your accounts an hour at a time, just to get you to waste time logging in 1,000 times. I would have fake e-mails sent to you about being investigated for some shit or other.

This new look blows. Stan probably got drunk.

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Some of the changes are good, but a bit clunky. And the colors are dumb... looks like

a dolphins board with blue, the san fran flirty niners red...;)... the Dallas Cowboy bluegray, the NY Jets green..the

Minnesota Vikings purple....

or a grade school color scheme. Seriously, as a retired software designer, how the )(&^*)(*& is anyone supposed to know

to click on the star ...to see the most recent...something.  Whatever it was. There isn't any intuitiveness there.

   Blaming it on the eclipse - seems a good guess...and funny, as was TexAg's post:


" Thank God. I thought I was losing O2 and turning blue.:ph34r: "

THAT is funny stuff.


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3 hours ago, Dutch Oven said:

I find humor at how miserable your life must be that your only release is to hide behind your computer screen and tell random people to go fuck themselves.

I bet your family can't stand you. You are probably the crazy, miserable, racist uncle everyone has and secretly wishes would die so they don't have to pretend to tolerate anymore. Trust me, everyone has one, and you're definitely one of them.

Getting spicy there Dutch. ;)

Meanwhile it seems a lot of historical data and numbers, members list information, etc. was lost as happens in these types of overhauls. Text is small but you have to give it some time to get used to before you can really say if it sucks or not. 

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On 8/21/2017 at 3:24 PM, The Gipper said:

Yes, I see.  Not sure I like it that much.  Where is the Brown and Orange for all the background stuff?  And they have done something funky with the color selections.  Also, avatars are circular, cutting off a lot of the photo you select.


I believe all of these concerns have been addressed.

Most all upgrades result in reverting back to default setting, it takes a few moments to learn who to manipulate all settings. The more familiar we get wit the system, the more customizations and theme we will implement. Thanks for bearing with us.

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I like the reactions, those are a cool new feature! 

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9 hours ago, Tour2ma said:

lol... New look = clean slate...


And I see Dutch Oven is well into his right of passage...

He's not quite there yet but trying like hell to straighten us all out here. :lol:

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