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does this sound familiar?


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On 8/23/2017 at 5:34 PM, Clevfan4life said:

This sounds awful familiar. Hmmmmm


yes more untruths  - people masquerading as christians in order to paint a bad picture of them - knowing full well they will not get any retribution back, because of 

the benevolent nature of the (innocent wrongfully) accused christians?

 or in other words,  typical MSN fare

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7 hours ago, TexasAg1969 said:

I'm fairly certain Steve and cal are really Russian bots.:lol::lol:^_^;)

Cal especially comes here with stormfronts classic textbook they teach them. Its why he hates woody so much because woody is the demographic they're after and woody is hahing none of it. Im being serious cals work here is prob being monitored by them and they see how a   20 year old shits him down. Then we see cals alts come rushing in to tell him how he pwned him. 

Im certain at this point cal is an alt himself. Thats how they tell their people how to work....run multiple accts and develop elaborate covers for at least a few of them. Cals famous stories may not be so innocent, he's practicing his cover that he runs on other sites. This is what they're teaching their paid trolls who divert clickbait traffic back to specified websites. 

When cal erases our responses to his posts its because those posts potentially show up in google algorithms. So people who google a certain thing could potentially land on some brownsboard post but obviously not be able to respond to it......so you cant have the hilarious mockery that ensues after bearly every post he makes. By having thousands of paid trolls do this they can manipulate google and theoretically influence society who google something like climate change and see countless web hits on various sites unchallenged, because any real forum of climate experts would laugh cal and his links right to bant town

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