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ACLU backs down in face of Twitter’s wrath for pic of white baby holding US flag


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The ACLU got a big lesson in political correctness after posting a photo of a white baby holding an American flag to its Twitter page — and has backed off after social media trolls accused the free-speech group of promoting Nazis. 

“This is the future that ACLU members want,” the ACLU captioned a photo of a blonde baby wearing an ACLU “free speech” onesie and holding a small American flag.

That was all it took. A flurry of tweets from ACLU followers slammed the group, suggesting it was being racially insensitive and even likening the post to pro-Nazi commentary. 

The ACLU tried to calm the waters. 

“When your Twitter followers keep you in check and remind you that white supremacy is everywhere,” the national ACLU account posted, adding a gif of Kermit the Frog over the text, “That’s a very good point.”



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