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"The Room"

Guest mz.

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Steve, I hope I'm not stepping on your toes by starting a thread in here, but you NEED to watch/review "The Room."


It has become a cult classic here in LA and in other parts of the country as the absolute worst movie ever made. Making it awesome beyond all belief. Mindblowing shit, actually. Having seen it 5 times now, I can tell you that it will absolutely not disappoint.




This billboard was up on Highland Ave. in Hollywood for years, promoting its awesomeness, but I never gave in and saw it until recently. I feel like a guy who has taken mushrooms for the first time...my mind is now expanded.


Oh, and please do yourself a favor and be drunk/high/whatever while viewing it.



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Anything like ERASERHEAD????



I think Eraserhead is intentionally "bad" or "weird," whereas The Room strikes me as a vanity piece gone so very very wrong.


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I've seen Crank 2.

Between a rancid script, lousy acting and camera work where it looked like the camera man was tweeking on meth, I'd have to saw it was the single worst movie ever made.

Next on my list would have to be the one where the couple got lost scuba diving and bitched at each other 2 hours while floating in the ocean before the sharks ate them.



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