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If the Playoffs started today

The Gipper

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I will answer my own question from the other thread here:  If the playoffs started today, here is who would be in and their seeds:

ALE:  Boston #3 seed

ALC: Cleveland #2 seed

ALW: Houston #1 seed

#1 Wildcard: Yankees  #2 WC: Twins

Houston would play wildcard game winner,  Indians/Red Sox would playoff


NLE: Washington #2 seed

NLC: Cubs #3 seed

NLW: LA Dodgers #1 seed

#1 Wildcard: Arizona #2 WC: Colorado Rockies

Dodgers would play AZ/Col winner,  Cubs and Nationals would playoff

Notes: Indians and Red Sox are only a half game separated from each other for #2 seed.   Tribe is only 3 games behind Astros for #1 spot. Red Sox only 3.5 games back.

Twins are only 1 game ahead of Angels for #2 WC spot...and 1.5 games ahead of Orioles..and 3 games ahead of Texas Rangers

Cubs are 3.5 games ahead of Brewers, so that could turn into a race. (Brewers currently 3 games behind Rockies for #2 WC spot)



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