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If the Playoffs started today Sept. 5

The Gipper

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Here is the current status of races in MLB:

ALE  Boston  +3.5 over Yankees

ALC  Cleveland +10 over Twins

ALW Houston + 13.5 over Angels

WCs: Yankees and Twins

In the hunt:  Yankees as said 3.5 behing R.S.   LA Angels 0.5 games behind Twins. Orioles 1 game behind Twins, Rangers 1.5 games behind Twins, Mariners and Royals 2.5 games behind Twins. Rays 3.0 games behind.       A real donnybrook for that last playoff spot

NLE Washington + 16 over Marlins

NLC Cubs +3.5 over Brewers

NLW Dodgers + 12.5 over D-backs

WCs: Diamondbacks and Colorado

In the hunt:   Brewers 2.5 behind Cubs.   Also just 1.5 behind Colorado for last WC.   No one else really in it. 

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