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Win Streak Update

The Gipper

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The 2017 Indians have now won 18 in a row.   Here are the other streaks as long or longer:

18 games:   1953 NY Yankees;  1904 NY Giants; 1891 Boston Beaneaters #, 1885 Chicago White Stockings @

19 games: 1947 NY Yankees;  1906 Chicago White Sox

20 games: 2002 Oakland A's;  1884 Providence Grays*; 1884 St. Louis Maroons%

21 games: 1935 Chicago Cubs; 1880 Chicago White Stockings@

26 games: 1916 NY Giants

#  The Boston Beaneaters are the franchise now known as The Atlanta Braves

@ The Chicago White Stockings of 1880 and 1885 are the franchise known as the Chicago Cubs  (the 1906 White Sox are the franchise still known today as The White Sox)

* The Providence Grays were a National League franchise no longer in existance

% The St. Louis Maroons were a Union Association franchise no longer in existance.

Of course, the NY Giants are now the San Francisco Giants.

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Just now, The Cysko Kid said:

Of course the 1916 Giants had a tie in the middle of the 26 game streak 

I heard an explanation of this.   They had a game that was called after 9 innings, I believe because of darkness (they did not have lights in the stadiums in 1916.  It was a tie.   But...in those days, teams did not actually suspend games.   They started the whole game over from scratch. So, technically, that tie game did not count. It was as if it was not played.  The Giants won.

Why did they not just suspend the game...and pick up at the point it was suspended...as would happen today?   Apparently it was a case of where they did not want to do that because the game would have just been a truncated game, and they thought they could not get any fans in to see a truncated game.

What I don't know is why did they just not suspend the game, pick it up the next day to conclude it, and then play their regular game right after they finished the other game?   Perhaps because it was the final game of the series and the two teams were not scheduled to play another game.  Or something.

But that is the story.

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