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Trump should put a stop to this garbage TSAobamaogayperversionleftover


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I'll tell you what. We fly somwhere on vacation, and it had better be a nice looking WOMAN TSA agent

who starts checking out my crotch, because some male gay pervert TSA agent isn't going to be doing it.

He'll say "this is what I'll be doing" and I WILL be like "oh, no the hell you will not be, pervert"

and he'll be like "oh, yeah? well, I'll call my big pervert male buddy TSA agents over there"

and I'll be like "I don't care if you want to bring your whole male TSA pervert army, not one of you

will get perverted with me, jackwad" and then I'll be like "you know the female TSA agent that knows

you are a pervert? have her come over and check me out, but you can go sit on a foot long thumbtack, you asswhole"

    and then I'll be like "say, btw, on the Brownsboard - there's this gayblade woodpecker who would love to have

you make sure he isn't a terrorist. Here's where you can find him online...."

  and then I'll be like, " furthermore, if you want a threesome, there's cleve in the same petrified tree with woodpecker...

now get the f away from me or I keel you"

  Yeah. that's what I'd be like. :)

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