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Best One-Loss Run Ever?


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Can't find any record of it, but since we've won 3 straight following the end of the streak, I'm curious what it is. Obviously, any team ahead of us in this category would have (as of early 9/20) had to have at least a 13 game win streak (13+1 loss+13=26). We are currently on a 25-1 run. 

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7 hours ago, wargograw said:

Make that 3 up on the Stros

Three? No, its 2.5.

Tribe is now 96-57.   Houston is 93-59.    Three up in wins, 2 up in losses. 2.5 up with 9 games to go.  

Issue is can they catch the Dodgers. Who are 97-56....1 game up on Tribe. 

Of course, the only thing at stake in this is home field.  Its nice to have that....but it is not nearly as essential as in say football or basketball.

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On 9/24/2017 at 3:06 AM, SD_Tom said:

They'll catch the Dodgers, who are in a massive downward spiral.


The Indians are just clicking on all cylinders right now, and that team is long overdue. The good vibes from the Cavs and Indians will hopefully rub off on the browns.

Still just one game back.  Now 2.5 ahead of Houston for best AL record.

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