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Plus Minus Absurdio

The Gipper

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After two weeks of play, one way of looking at things besides the standings....for which it is too early, or phony power rankings....is to simply look at the plus or minus scoring of teams so far.   Of course, this may not be any more legit...but it is just another way to do so.  

Here are the teams with the best point differential:

Raiders +35

Ravens +34

Rams +30

Broncos +28

Lions and Panthers  +26

Chiefs and Bucs +22

Steelers +20

Here are the teams with the worst point differential:

Colts -40

Jets -34

Giants -30

Bears -28

Saints -26

Bengals -24

49ers -23

Texans -18

Browns are -17

Browns next 4 opponents all have....to date, worse point differentials than do the Browns.  Time to make some hay.

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