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Denver Factoids

The Gipper

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Denver factoids:




1. The Browns are a pathetic 5-16 all time vs. the Broncos. This is their worst record against any team except the Carolina Panthers against whom they are 0-3.




2. The Browns are also 0-3 in postseason against the Broncos.




3. Career passing leader for Broncos, yards and TDs: Elway (of course) 51,475 yds and 300 TDs


Career rushing leader for Broncos, yards and TDs: Terrel Davis 7607 yds 60 TDs


Career receiving leader for Broncos, yards and TDs: Rod Smith 11,389 yds 68 TDs




4. The Broncos have only 2 primary Hall of Famers: Elway and Gary Zimmerman. A couple of other HOFers, including Tony Dorsett had a cup of coffee with the Broncos.




5. The Broncos won the first ever AFL game played on 9/9/1960 by a 13-10 score over the Boston Patriots.




6. However, they did not do much winning at all in the AFL after that. Their record in their AFL days (pre-1970 merger) was 39-97-4. They did not actually have their first winning season until 1973, 14 years after their creation.




7. The Broncos had 24 starting quarterbacks in the 23 seasons prior to drafting John Elway.




8. The Broncos have suffered the worst defeat ever in Super Bowl history: 55-10 to the 49ers in SB XXIV.




9. The Broncos original colors were mustard yellow and brown with vertically striped socks. They retired the socks after 2 years in a bonfire held at their stadium.




10. The Broncos have retired 3 numbers: #7 for old horseface, #18 for Frank Tripucka, and #44 for Floyd Little, #44 also being his number in college at Syracuse where he was permitted to wear the legendary number also worn by the likes of Jim Brown and Ernie Davis)




11. The stairs of the Colorado State Capitol are actually at 5280 feet above sea level....thus...Mile High.




12. The City was named after James W. Denver, who was the territorial Governor of Kansas. It is not believed that the man ever actually set foot in his namesake city however.




13. The United Way was formed in Denver.




14. Denver was awarded the 1976 Winter Olympics, but thereafter in a referendum the people of Colorado rejected holding the games in their state...allegedly for ecological reasons....though it baffled many considering all the ski resorts that were being developed in that state at the time. That rejection has hurt the chances of the city being selected again by the USOC and the IOC....though it does appear to be a logical place to host the games here in N. America.




15. Well know people from Denver: Chauncey Billups, who until last night was a member of the Detroit Pistons. Now he has been sent home in a trade. Douglas Fairbanks, Pat Hingle aka Mr. Haney, Karl Rove, Judy Collins, Jan Michael Vincent, Mamie Eisenhower, Golda Meir. (PM of Israel).


John Denver was actually from Aspen.

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I found this fact about Denver:


"In Fruita, the town folk celebrate 'Mike the Headless Chicken Day'. Seems that a farmer named L.A. Olsen cut off Mike's head on September 10, 1945 in anticipation of a chicken dinner - and Mike lived for another 4 years without a head."

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Stop Brandon Marshall, stop the Broncos. Pretty simple. Double this guy the entire game.


Their running game sure as shit isn't going to beat us.


And PS, I have the Broncos at #2, behind the Steelers, because, as luck would have it, my brother is a Broncos fan and I've had to deal with his crap since '85.

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Here's my Dever factoid:

On the "hate scale," they are #3

1) Steelers

2) Bengals

3) Broncos

4) Ravens

5) Titans (Oilers)



I am not sure I would put them above the Ravens, given that history. The problem here is that our "hatred history" with the Broncos is now 20 years old. We have not had enough playoff history since then to develop a dislike for any other franchise. The fact is, there is no real reason to hate the Broncos any worse than say, the Chiefs, or the Texans or the Jaguars....it all relates back to those playoff losses.

(and yes, I have seen it over and over...Karlis did miss. Can't convince me otherwise)

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The man responsible for them was Dean Griffing, the club’s first general manager. He was a legendary tightwad—"the kind of guy who took off his glasses when he wasn’t looking at anything," says broadcaster Bob Martin—and outfitted the Broncos with used uniforms purchased from the Copper Bowl College All-Star Game in Tucson, Arizona. The bizarre socks, he insisted, made the players appear taller.


"They made you look like a peg is what they did," says safety Goose Gonsoulin. "You had these real broad shoulders because of the pads, and then you had these up-and-down striped socks.... It was unique, put it that way."


Owner Bob Housman sold the club to Cal Kunz in 1961. Kunz got rid of Griffing and Filchock (head coach) after the season and hired Faulkner, who launched a campaign that promised: "There’s Lots New in ’62." He started with the uniforms. The hated socks were torched before an intrasquad game.


A handful did escape the flames. One is on display at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Faulkner has a set hidden in a drawer somewhere. And several players are said to be holding a few. The cursed things are now worth $500.


Bud McFadin.

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Floyd Little is kinda forgotten, but for a handful of years he was easily one of the best RB's in the game. I remember he and Leroy Kelly battling for the Rushing crown several years in a row,


In fact, the first Browns game I can remember watching, he ran roughshod all over us and we got shutout.



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