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Who needs a QB?

The Gipper

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With the trade of Garrapolo to the 49ers, that puts to an end, I believe, to the Kirk Cousins to San Francisco assumption.

So....where might Cousins end up?   Or for that matter, which NFL teams need a QB for next year....in FA or in the draft?

From west to east:

49ers.....apparently got their guy.

Chargers....will be in the market for an eventual replacement for the 35 year old Rivers. (but not a destination for Cousins) Probably draft a guy.

Cardinals....they may decide that Palmer, who will be 38 and who is constantly injured, has outlived his usefullness

Denver....maybe...unless they think they have something somewhere between Siemian, Lynch, Osweiler

Minnesota?   They have Bradford, Bridgewater, and Case Keenum....who has that team in 1st place.  So, maybe not.

Saints.....also will be in the market for a QB who will be 39 in January....but not a place for Cousins

Browns....well.....duh.....obviously in need of a QB

Dolphins.....will they be willing to replace the injured Tannehill?

Jaguars....likely to give up on Bortles it seems.....

Washington.... well, without Kirk Cousins....they will be in the market for a guy like....Kirk Cousins

Jets....Clearly in need of a QB.

Patriots.....will eventually need replacement for Brady, but not now.

So here are the top candidates for Cousins to land:

1. Cardinals

2. Jaguars

3. Jets

4. Redskins

5. Browns

6. Broncos

7 . Dolphins

You could jumble this order up any way you want.

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Good post.... If were him, and all of the top 7 teams were to offer me the same $, I go Broncos 1, Cards 2..... However, all teams will not offer the same $ and if the Browns were to open up the vault and make him a Stafford like deal - or more, then he might suddenly love orange and white....... do we even own brown jerseys any more?

I can not stomach the thought of watching another rookie QB under center next year, no matter where he is picked in round 1...... I just can't. 

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