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??? Guy is "transsexual"...and ...."transracial"


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some sad people will do anything to get attention, even when it's negative.

he could make some big $$$$ being on oprah etc.


how about being trans...animal? reptile?


and more. some nut spends 50 grand to become a space alien.... etc.

the democrats are missing out on a niche voting block.

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22 minutes ago, DieHardBrownsFan said:

Remember the white woman who was in charge of the NAACP who claimed she was black?



I goofed on my wife about that lady because I told her she could powder herself up and say she is a white lady. She didn’t find it nearly as funny as I did.

”Just say stuff like ‘vacay’ and hold a Starbucks cup all day.”

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2 hours ago, LogicIsForSquares said:

I actually enjoy it getting this ridiculous because it will implode haha. Because the ultra left loves to turn on itself and some white guy deciding he is a "woman of color" (which will happen) will surely bring the house down. 

The revolution always eats its own.


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