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Free Free Government Health Care

Mr. T

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Be careful of what you wish for especially when it comes to government ran health care . You don't have to go to far back to when Obama was promising everybody $600.00 or $800.00 per person as Free money. The only thing you received was a extra $6. Bucks a week that would not be taken out of your FICA? (WTF? you still have to pay the Taxes).


Obamna was able to use the dangling carrot (Free Money) out there to build support for the $pending bill known as the $timulus Bill. So before jumping on the band wagon we should really look into what is being proposed. It looks as if we will be seeing a major socialist move in the health Insurance Business, Those who can will soon be joining those who cant afford health Insurance especially if they raise premiums to cover the costs of health Insurance for those who cannot or simply just don't purchase health Insurance.


Here is an idea, why don't we send back 12 Million Mexicans and we would have 12 million New jobs for Americans and our Hospitals wont have to charge others such as you and I our local, state and federal governments for the costs of providing free health care.




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when there's options that are denied by value judgments, i tend to care very little about partisan bickering.


this speaks of the cali situation......inflated spending, huge deficits demand cutbacks, but no one will concede anything.

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