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If the Playoffs started today 11/21

The Gipper

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If the Playoffs started today here is who would be in:

AFCE  Patriots 8-2

AFCN Steelers 8-2

AFCS Jaguars 7-3

AFCW Chiefs 6-4

Wildcards: Titans 6-4  Ravens  5-5  (over the 5-5 Bills)

NFCE  Eagles 9-1

NFCN Vikings 8-2

NFCS Saints 8-2

NFCW Rams 7-3

Wildcards:  Panthers 7-3  Falcons 6-4 (over the also 6-4 Lions and Seahawks)

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The NFC playoffs are going to be really entertaining. And the Seahawks with the a depleted Legion of Boom may fail to clinch a playoff berth.

1 minute ago, Tour2ma said:

Nice switcheroo by the Falcons last nite.

Circle Dec 17 on your calendar... NE @ PTG... likely playing for home field thru the playoffs.

That game is going to be really interesting. An anticipated AFC Championship game?

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