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14 Qualities of an Effective President of a Country:
 By Victorino Q. Abrugar

1. Accountability. A good president understands that he (she) is the head of the state. When the nation falls, he acknowledges his responsibility rather than blame his subordinates. He recognizes himself as the father of the entire nation. Hence, he treats the local government unit leaders as his children, and take responsibility in helping them whenever they face problems.

2. Respect. A good leader of a country respects the constitution, abides the laws, and honors the decision of the Supreme Court. He also listen and respect the views of the common people.

3. Cohesiveness. An effective head of the government promotes unity among his people rather than causing them to divide and have meaningless fights.

4. Humility. An effective president admits his mistakes and weaknesses. He also acknowledges that he’s not good at everything. That is why he leaves the other tasks to the other branches of the government, such as the legislative and judiciary bodies.

5. Honesty. An effective leader upholds truth and integrity. He preserves the trust and confidence given to him by the people. And of course, he doesn’t embezzle the funds of the nation.

6. Independence. A strong president is not a puppet. His actions are not a product of impartial decisions. He’s not manipulated by oligarchs or a few people who are thirsty of power and wealth of a nation.

7. Wisdom. A wise president knows how to discern right from wrong. He knows how to make the right decisions. He shows maturity of the mind. His words provide power and enlightenment to all.

8. Courage. A great leader of a nation has the courage to execute the decisions that he believes are right. He’s not afraid to stand and fight for righteousness for the sake of his countrymen.

9. Compassion. An effective president understands what his people are going through. He can feel the sufferings of the oppressed and poor people. He is not arrogant, rather he’s gentle and uplifting to people who are suffering from misery and pain.

10. Action. A great leader is a role model of hard work. He walks his talk and inspires his people through his actions. He makes sure that his promises are done and not broken.

11. Proactivity. An effective leader of a country is not insecure and reactive. Instead, he possesses intuit and initiative to create solutions for the present and future problems.

12. Passion. Great leaders do their job with enthusiasm. They serve the public, not because they are compensated with money and fame, but because that is their mission in life.

13. Commitment. An effective head of the government is determined to realize his great visions and dreams for the nation. Patience and persistence manifest in him.

14. Love. Finally, an effective president of a country has a selfless love for his (her) people and for all the next generations. All of the qualities above are difficult to practice, but because of his love, he does his best to practice them all.

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The Siena College Research Institute (SRI) has been conducting the US Presidents Study since 1982.  

2010_Studyfinal.png     2002Picture1final.png  

The study calls upon historians, political scientists and presidential scholars to rate the presidents in twenty areas: 

  • Background
  • Imagination
  • Integrity
  • Intelligence 
  • Luck
  • Willing to take risks 
  • Avoid crucial mistakes 
  • Court appointments 
  • Domestic Accomplishments 
  • Executive Appointments
  • Foreign Policy accomplishments 
  • Handling of U.S. Economy 
  • Party leadership 
  • Relationship with Congress 
  • Ability to compromise
  • Communication ability 
  • Executive ability 
  • Leadership ability 
  • Overall ability
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