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Sean Ryan New OC ?


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Texans have been asked for permission to speak to their QB coach Sean Ryan about becoming new Browns OC


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One of the best in the business.

Tom Savage added,

Ian RapoportVerified account @RapSheet
The #Browns have requested permission to speak with #Texans QB coach Sean Ryan for their vacant OC job, Cleveland sources say. His work with rookie QB Deshaun Watson has not gone unnoticed.
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Cool, so at first sight there's nothing impressive. He has coached one of the worst teams offensively (WR coach, so he's got Hopkins, there's that), doesn't have experience as OC, and his current head coach hasn't got pedigree (only thing he can say is that he was Belichick's OC). 

He's young (45) and maybe that would relate on ambition on taking the next step up as a coach. I don't know why, but I feel like they are looking on him to make a great OC puppet for Hue. And probably that's better than bringing an experienced OC to a young team and have internal problems with the HC. 

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More staff rumors 



I'm told Packers senior personnel executive Alonzo Highsmith will be visiting with Johny Dorsey and the Cleveland Browns today. Could jump to Dorsey's staff from Green Bay.

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I did not realize Alonzo made the move to the FO after his playing days. Nice RB in HOU for many years.

The shuffling in the GB FO lends a little credence to the report.


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5 hours ago, LondonBrown said:

Hue will still have full control over the plays and the QBs. He already ignored coach Lee when he said Kizer wasn’t ready. 

Hue gone or nothing else matters 

Ive already read that Ryan will in fact be the one calling the plays. Now has he been hired? Heard the Highsmith is a done deal just working out the logistics.

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16 minutes ago, Orion said:

So now Hue agrees to having an OC?  

Can the OC call the plays?   Can he make the game-day decisions?  Like when to call time out and when to go for it on 4th down?

hoping that Dorsey makes the call on the O.C that way he can be groomed to be are next head coach once hue go's 0-6

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55 minutes ago, Dutch Oven said:

I'm kind of surprised DePodesta is still around.

No one seems to know what he does, but still, he seemed to be attached to the Sashi hire.

i get the feeling haslem knew it was actually Depo that nailed the money value on Schwartz,Pryor & Haden..to the penny..but Sashi could not close the deals..EDIT--The Homo upstairs buzzing Hue's ear on to challenge or not..Fire him..He Sucks too.. (really bad) 

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2 hours ago, LondonBrown said:

 but as long as he is a football guy I guess that’s all that matters 

or some homo(on board) with some old boxing gloves & keys on a wind bag shows up high on Highsmith... 

  after playing football..Alonzo was a heavyweight boxer with a record of 27-1-2 with 23 KO's...than to GB/as college scout working under college VP Dorsey.

Classic Favorite ^^welcome Lonzo Highsmith (we need tough leaders..everywhere) He's not getting NoBody's coffee. chain of command as follows..Dorsey..Depo..Highsmith..Berry..Kovash      

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