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Carson Palmer - Bruce Arians Retire Together

Dick Mellon

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Carson Palmer was the best QB in our division.  I always believed that, but I wasn't proven right until he got outta CIN and was #1 in the NFL in several passing statz and went to the Pro Bowl as the QB at ARI.

Bruce Arians was a disaster for CLE and PIT (yeh he was on the CLE playoff team and PIT won championships in spite of him) so I never thought that Carson Palmer would suddenly blossom under Bruce Arians, but I was proven very wrong on that one.

At least Bruce Arians is consistent.

First he got Tim Couch killed.  Then Roethlisberger was frequently carted-off.  Then Carson Palmer was sacked 40 times in 2016.  His QB's are either #1 in getting sacked or near the top of the list.  The Steelers openly said that they got rid of Bruce Arians to lengthen Ben's career. Now, Carson Palmer goes from IR to retirement.

On a serious note. . . .  I think Bruce Arians is sick an dying. He has had cancer and other undisclosed emergency visits to the hospital.  He has lost alotta weight, and I don't think it's healthy weight-loss.  I think it's sick and dying weight-loss.


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