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So we have a few months to debate Rosen/Darnold until we’re blue in the face.  We will also see plenty of conversation surrounding Mayfield/Allen/Jackson which is par for the course, but one of the things that’s interesting to me about this QB class is the next tier that won’t get as much attention, but will likely field a legit NFL starter.  

Names like Mason Rudolph, Kurt Benkert, Riley Ferguson, and Luke Falk. I’ve heard some support for a few of these mid round guys, but let’s hear some more input if you have it. who do you like, who don’t you like, who have I forgotten? 

A guy I started watching a lot of is Luke Falk. This guy strikes me as a Belichick pick, and a good successor to Tom Brady. I like his accuracy, throwing motion, and ability to go through reads quickly.  While sometimes he is too patient in the pocket leading to sacks, most of the time he feels pressure And moves well in the pocket. Athletically he can move around a little but not exactly “mobile” and while he doesn’t have a cannon, his arm strength is adequate for the NFL.  There are times when he rushes his footwork leading to some accuracy issues, but overall the kid throws a beautiful ball.

there is also a lot to like about Falk’s stat line.  Through four years at Washington St. he averaged over 68 comp% while throwing 119 TDs to 39 INTs. This year he had a slight downturn in his stats, which I believe is the main reason he’s flying under the radar.  Had he built on his stellar Junior year, he’d be in the top tier prospect discussion. My final point about Falk is what he meant to his team. After joining a Washington State team that spent the last decade plus mired in pac 12 irrelevance, Luke lead the Cougars to the best 3 season win percentage since the 2001-2003 wash state teams, going 24-13  in that time, and being ranked in the AP poll all three of those years for the first time since the 2006 squad was ranked 25th.  After watching the film I’ll add that I don’t think the Cougars are in danger of sending many players to the NFL this year either. 

Ok, enough about Falk and onto another guy that I’ve been watching the past few days that I don’t think belongs in the same breath as Falk, but has been getting more attention: Mason Rudolph. While I admittedly don’t know finger about scouting QBs, I can’t for the life of me figure out why this guy is generating as much talk as he is (if I had to guess it’s probably his 6’5” 230 lb frame). He’s basically a bigger, more mobile, younger Brandon Weeden making him a better prospect than Weeden, but also sharing some of the problems displayed by the Big red fuk. Namely, Rudolph arguably has the best receiving corps in college ball, going up against paper tiger defenses of the big 12.  Between Ateman and Washington, Rudolph has been playing catch with two guys who will be drafted in the first 2-3 rounds this April. He has nice deep ball accuracy, but slow eyes. Again, reminiscent of Weeden.  I view Rudolph as a project who may develop into a viable starter, but more than likely some team will over draft him and force him into action too early. It wouldn’t surprise me to see ol’ Mason drafted high enough to be forced into premature play time, but not high enough to demand his team show the patience he will require. 

Next on my watch list: the famous Benkert 

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