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JUNE 4 - Mangini Press Conference VIDEO

Dan in Florida

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Mangini said about the QB situation that he is looking for the QB that has the best huddle presence and can manage the game the best. The guy that can checkoff into the right plays and can get through his reads and progressions.


About rookies and new players to the team he says; the best player will play, not the most experienced. There will be competition at every position and the best player will play. He was asked about Mack starting over one of the team captains from last year and he said "the best player will play".


So nice to actually listen to a intellegent press conference.

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Guest Aloysius

Some other notes:


- The staff is working to make Kamerion Wimbley more versatile, help him refine his pass rush technique


- Eric Steinbach and Braylon Edwards have been doing a great job. People shouldn't read anything into them not practicing outside on Tuesday


- David Bowens ("D Bo") is smart, has a lot of experience, and has good instincts. He'll help mentor the young guys. His "starting point" in the 3-4 was at outside linebacker, but he did a nice job starting five games at inside linebacker last year.


- Alex Mack has done a nice job. He's shown a lot of intelligence in terms of Mike point-outs and understanding fronts. He's also done a nice job physically. But like all the rookies, he's swimming in all the info he's absorbing.

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I love the "The best player will play" line. We have had far too many years of players playing JUST because of the money paid to them or to cover the drafter/signer's a**. If you overpaid a stiff, take your loss quickly & get 'em the hell outta here!

Time to market the best product, given our inventory.


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Yeah no more "if you're a vet you're gonna start" bullshit that we've been subjected to these past few years.


I think the QB situation will work itself out eventually. These guys aren't even hitting yet, so let's not get a head of ourselves.


We've listened so long to RAC, I didn't even know what a real coach sounds like. It's unbelievable that buffoon ever got hired, let alone stayed as long as he did. He should have been fired the first time he said 'we were bad and I don't know why'.


Refreshing to have someone who at least sounds like they know what is going on.

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