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Steve –

Last week, the latest CNN national poll showed a double-digit Democratic lead collapsing all the way down to just three points.

Now the news is even worse: A new Reuters poll has Democrats ahead by only one point.

And if that's not bad enough, right-wing billionaire Sheldon Adelson just cut a $30 million check to national Republicans – money to help fund a new wave of attack ads that could soon push Republicans into the lead!

The advantage Democrats have enjoyed since Donald Trump first set foot in the White House is almost GONE. The Republicans are recovering. If things stay like this, we could be looking at 2016 all over again.

We can't let that happen – and we won't, if you pitch in $10 right now to help Democratic candidates fight back. We need 10,000 supporters to give in the next 24 hours, with every dollar going directly to key battleground districts >>

If you saved your information with ActBlue Express, clicking a link below will cause your donation to process instantly:

Donate $10 now >>

Donate $25 now >>

Donate $50 now >>

Donate $100 now >>

Donate other amount >>

Steve, this is the moment we've feared for more than a year and a half.

Trump's "alt-right" base is finally awakening to the fact that the GOP is HIS party now, and they're rallying to his side.

Meanwhile, our base has become complacent, thanks to the lead we used to have in the polls and the 41 legislative seats we've already flipped this past year.

We need to turn this around NOW and show the nation that grassroots energy is still on the side of Democrats – because we could be facing historic losses across the country if we fall short.

Only a massive grassroots surge can help Democrats recover and retake the lead. We need EVERYONE pitching in this second to right the ship. Will you give $10 today, before it's too late?


 I'll get right on that.


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