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The Postal Services created a stamp with a picture of President Obama.

The stamp was not sticking to envelopes. This enraged the President,

who demanded a full investigation. After a month of testing and

$1.73 million in congressional spending, a special Presidential

commission presented the following findings:


The stamp is in perfect order. There is nothing wrong with the adhesive.


People are spitting on the wrong side.

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Ahhh yeah. My favorite Clinton schtick was on the Conan O'Brien show where he would drop down the screen of Clinton and had somebody's mouth super imposed on it. That guy was great as ol' Willie.


Also Darrel Hammond on SNL did a great Clinton.


Obama hasn't had a huge gaffe yet or scandal. But it will come. It happens to every politician, and not even Obama is immune.



I think Obama is more into gaining as much power as he can and not as many BJ's as he can.


besides the Liberal media wouldn't report it anyways.

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And there again, mz the pussy resorts to name calling.


When liberals name call, it's fine by liberals.


But let a conservative name call, and some libs


get all angry and mz the pussy cries and feels sad.


I could be wrong, but I have to figure mz the pussy can


communicate without name calling the "opposition"


if he tried really, really, really sincerely.

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Hey, why can't I thank myself?


I can thank anybody else.


If I want to thank ME, why can't I ?


It's supposed to be free speech.. oh wait...


Obama probably outlawed thanking yourself.


er... myself. By me.


And you can't thank yourselves either.


Man, that freakin dictator........@@

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I generally leave folks alone who don't mess with me.


But nooooooo, you have to come out of the woodwork


and cry about my jibber-jabbering.


Little spectaweckta makesies big snifflies goo goo ya?


KFP called me "numb-nuts", and I just had fun replying.


No big deal.


But, you, El Stupido Boring Man, want to smart off to me,


for being funny?




That won't change.


Here's ten points for your enlightenment:


1. I sneeze in your direction.


2. If you don't like comedy, be a man and put me on ignore, doofus.

I'm sure you can figure it out. See? I just gave you an eensie weesie

little bitsies of benefit of the the doubt.


3. Don't have a broken leg, and a broken arm, while drinking too much,

and walk into a biker bar on crutches and spit in some biker's eye.

Just trying to help you, In"bleck"ta.


4. Try to figure out who you are, and be it. So far, you are all sorts of different

people, imho.


5. Contrary to Kosar's being younger, I am not "really old". Just older, ok, maybe a good bit.


6. I'm pretty sure Kosar knows I was being a funny goofball.


7. You have never, ever, even remotely been funny. Work on that, okay, Infartka?


8. But, I won't call you dumbass, cause I think you aren't smart enough.


9. Try to get a sense of humor, infectya, because you don't seem to ever laugh.

And, Do have a nice day, okie-dokie schmutzolie?


10. Have T read 1-9 to you, if he can stop laughing. Most folks on the board

have a sense of humor. If you can't handle that, then "here's a quarter,

call someone who cares"













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Inspecta, you attempt to come across as well informed and well liked. Then your "other" personality comes in, the one who is stoned or drunk, or (most likely) both. I'm not putting you down, I'm just stating the obvious. I come in here and fukc around some. Sometimes I post serious, sometimes not. But you come in here on your high horse and act like you are above me, Cal and T. I think you need to look in the mirror bud. Now go on a self-defense rant about how smart and well liked you are.

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But, what fence is Influnkta riding on?


I wasn't messing with him, but he figured to join in the rumble on the more numbers side.


Ah well, at least he won't choose. That way he can disassociate himself from everybody.


You're a tough man, T, to be HIS friend. Kudos. I'm not that tough. GGG


(I think Inflexa wants to be on Al's, the lib's mod, side for security)





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That's what keeps me from looking old.


" :rolleyes: I'm chronically immature."


It's one thing to be objective on analysis of situations,


but another to be objective when your strongly held values are


on the table.


I won't negotiate on my values, they are accrued via many years


of experiences, military, college, real life...


I can see different sides, but I will not adopt a different side for


political expediency, for popularity, or for the security of belonging


to a group.


I'm fine with other people disagreeing with me, but that isn't


always the case with other folks.


But I agree with you, you are far, far, more disagreeable than most on this board...







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One example is the word play you do with people's names when your mad at them. It's just one unecessary mode of communication that doesn't endear anybody to your position on an issue.


I always found MosquitoZits fairly clever.




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Good points, but I generally retaliate in kind, Inspecta.


If I see a point I can concur with, I can easily do that, and do.


But all too often, the blatant politics are all that matters,


and when a great point is made by anybody, it gets ignored


to cya with a change of subject to bicker about another day.


I know how to work to influence opinions, I used to win debates


when the chips were against me.


But that requires an audiene that takes sincerity to heart.


Without that, great debate winning points get you a nothing,


because "gotchas" are all some folks have as a form of entertainment.


Those who approach my opinions with a little sincerity, I respond in kind,


as now.


Otherwise, my creative goofball side is also up to the task.

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