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Name game trivia answers

The Gipper

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Here are the answers to my name game trivia contest. Here you needn't tax your brains, you merely have to read and be informed:


1.Ohio Colleges attended by members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame:

Wittenberg Al Davis

Dayton Chuck Noll

John Carroll Don Shula

Kent St. Jack Lambert

Miami, O. Paul Brown and Weeb Ewbank

Toledo Emlen Tunnel

Ohio St. Sid Gillman, Lou Groza, Dante Lavelli, Jim Parker, Paul Warfield, Bill Willis


Here's the oddity: There are 6 coaches, but only 7 players. I doubt you could find any other state with that kind of ratio.


2. Fritz Pollard attended Brown University. He was a pretty outstanding guy to have attended an Ivy League school and to be the first African-American player and coach in the NFL. (and FYI, he played for the Akron Pros...the very first NFL champions.)


3. Nick Montana, son of Joe Montana has signed on to attend Washington University.

(I wonder if Joe Washington's son signed to play at Montana?)


4. The first person on the Browns all time roster: Karim Abdul Jabar. The last: Paul Zukauskus


5. The last Browns playoff victory was in 1994 against New England. The starting linebackers that day were Pepper Johnson, Carl Banks, and Frank Stams of Akron St. Vincent/St. Mary and Notre Dame.


6. BOTH the Minnesota Twins AND the Texas Rangers began their existance as the "Washington Senators". The original Senators left Washington in 1961 to become the Twins and were immediately replaced by the New Washington Senators expansion franchise which left Washington in 1972 to become the Texas Rangers.


7. The current team that started its existance as the Chicago White Stockings are:

The Chicago Cubs. This was their first name back when the NL began in 1876


8. The current team that started its existance as the Baltimore Orioles are:

The New York Yankees. Yes, they began in Baltimore but moved a few years later to become the New York Highlanders and then a name change in NYC to the Yankees


9. The current team that started its existance as the Milwaukee Brewers are:

The Baltimore Orioles. Yes, they began in Milwaukee in 1901, then moved to St. Louis where they became the Browns, then in 1954 moved to Baltimore to become the Orioles


10. The team that was once known by the following names: The Red Caps, Beaneaters, Doves, Rustlers, Bees is:

The Atlanta Braves. (they became the Braves in Boston, then moved to Milwaukee before going on to Atlanta)


11. The team that was once known by the following names: Atlantics, Grays, Bridegrooms, Superbas is:

The Los Angeles Dodgers

I have a proposition, the Dodgers should change their name to the Pacifics. Since they started out as The Atlantics it makes sense now that they are on the West coast that they become symmetric and become the Pacifics. After all the "Trolley Dodgers" has nothing to do with LA but everything to do with Brooklyn.


12. The team once known as "The Perfectos" was:

The St. Louis Cardinals

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