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No wonder Obama's popularity is sinking


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Which means, the outrageous bailouts were all for naught, and


kept Obama from having any chance in hades of funding any kind of fixes to


our health care system.





Former President George W. Bush said in a speech Wednesday that the private sector will lead the country out of the economic crisis. Do you agree?

Thanks for your vote.


Response Percent Votes

Yes 94% 87785 votes

No 4% 4062 votes

Undecided 0% 721 votes

Other 0% 417 votes

92985 total votes



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Any source I use with info you'all don't like is a no good source.


I see a trend, Sev.


Just note the overwhelming votes.


Sorry, CNN won't take a poll like this, I don't think.


I know, I should have used the LA Times or something. LOL

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It will take the private sector small to large busninesses, to pull us out of this recession.


It wont be the Federal Government propping up false numbers to make the dow look good or by giving banks billions of dollars so they have have good reportings, the dow is being ran by a bunch of chearleaders and not by real business people. (be careful).


Since when did the Federal Government ever fix anything without someone else having to pay the price.


Like I have been saying we should let these companies fail and go through bankruptcy, look at GM & Chrysler the 2 as of late they get the money and still have to file bankruptcy. And now all of us will be paying for years in taxes because we neeeded a quik fix! And now all we get a GM/Amtrak Federal motors out of this.





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cal seriously you posted a opinion poll from the Washington Times........?


thats like asking Limbaughs audience if they vote republican........


Come on Cal I am sure you can find critical journalistic pieces from good sources.


Like the Post or the NYT or Al Jezeera.....



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