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Yeah... Shaq at 37 averaging numbers (18 ppg and 8 rpg) that prove he is a shell of his former self (27-29 ppg, 11-13 rpg) is EXACTLY the same as having that former self. (He was arguably the most dominant center in the history of the NBA for those titles in LA - he was still a great center in Miami - now, he's good/great with age and injury concerns.)


I wonder why the Cavs went and trade for a 37 year old Shaq anyway, because I thought Z was in the "upper third" of centers in the NBA and DTBH was just an idiot?


Great post, mz the pussy. You really owned me.

- Let's go start a thread about how Muhammad Ali is the greatest current day boxer. Seriously man, you are not this Retarded. I knew you were a liberal douchebag, but this level of stupidity is new to you.


Get LeBron, say, Dwight Howard - AFTER a few more years when he's in his prime. Then we can make comparisons between what Kobe had and what LeBron has.

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Deleted by this joint's awesome mod.


Yeah, I think Stan and I need to have a little chat about that. Young little bittermen who don't know shit about hoops shouldn't be mods IMO.


That thread was full of a lot of info and he deleted it cuz he got his ass annihilated big time. He's whining about me deleting his posts over on the Browns forum when he comes out in his full on anger management times and attacks someone like Shep for nothing.


I've got this copied before it gets deleted.

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