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Cris Carter "wows 'em" at Rookie Symposium

Guest mz.

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OK OK, I learned my lesson last time when I ripped on CC. Well, perhaps I didn't.


I truly think he's one of the worst "analysts" on TV today. Not as bad as Emmitt Smith, but someone who can't even hold Keyshawn's jock IMO. ANYWAY...did anyone else find his rookie symposium "how to avoid pitfalls" "performance" slightly over-the-top? I'm talking Al-Pacino-in-Scent-of-a-Woman-and-any-movie-afterward over-the-top. Like televangelist over-the-top. Someone needs to tell him that this isn't really the best way to get through to 21 year old kids. That being said, it was hilarious to watch.


Watch his Oscar-worth monologue here, courtesy of NFL.com.

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