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Pride in USA is alive and well in Georgia


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Thanks, Peen ! I watched it twice, it's too short to me...




If I ever have the chance, I would drive a long ways to just be there,


and salute from the roadside.


Choked me up, especially the last song - "If you're reading this...."....


gets me. Not ashamed one bit to admit it.

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The world may be hyping the death of Michael Jackson, but this brings tears to my eyes....sorrow and joy.


Some may think the video is to long.


I don't think it was long enough





I just wanted to bump this to the top of the list, it is very important that we give respect to all of those who have fallen in battle while securing our freedoms.




I have noticed that not one left winger has responded. What a shame, I thank God I am not one of them.



May God Bless America, again!

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Guest Aloysius

Didn't know what the post was about and was too lazy to click the link. Here, I'll embed it for you.



It's good to see so many people honoring Staff Sgt. Beale's service.

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Took a break for lunch, and watched this again.


That's very, very moving. I don't think I can take


listening to that last song again. It gets me. "sigh"

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