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Halth Care again

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So I wasn't able to get any defense of the Obama TV special in which he proved pretty conclusivly there wasn't a real plan, just platitudes and double talk.


Now Axelrove says the "public option" probably won't happen.


While that's probably good for the many thousands who work in the insurance industry or count on investments in it I guess that means the president's "promise" was hollow; either misguided or untrue.


So with the public not willing to pay for the policies of those who just refuse to buy (worsened by the shortcomings of the "stimulus) it AND the administrations seeming unwillingness to enforce a public mandate our options seem limited to expanding medicare and driving up premiums for those who truly try to be responsible.


Besides a panacea (which isn't likely) and without quoting Michael Moore films are any of his supporters reaqdy to chime in with the defense?



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I think it's pretty much discredited at this point, Steve. The cost is astronomical, and worse, other problems


would result.

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