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If there was a fantasy draft, and you could have any players in the NFL, what would your starting roster be?


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QB: Tom Brady- I would like someone who could scramble a bit better but he's too good the way he is.


HB1: Marion Barber- Severely underrated, I dont think anyone in the NFL runs as hard or as physically dangerous, great for the power.


HB2: Chris Jonson- I'd definitely have a 2 back system and he's the best change of pace guy out there, great homerun hitter.


WR1: Randy Moss- Still the greatest out there now.


WR2: Anquan Boldin- When the winter months come, your gonna need a strong possession guy with RAC ability who's tough.


WR3: Larry Fitzgerald- Can you imagine the mismatches if he's in the slot.


TE: Jason Witten/Kellen Winslow- I cant decide, but Im leaning towards Witten for blocking purposes.


LT: Joe Thomas- Really need to ask?


LG: Steinbach- Yeah I said it


C: Matt Birk- Perrenial Pro Bowler


RG: Ryan Tucker- Yeah, thats how good I think he is.


RT: Orlando pace- Another shoe on

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DT: Shaun Rogers- Man Beast


DE: Albert Hayensworth- Another beast


DE: Osi Umenyiora- Coming off an injury, but another true beast


LOLB: Demarcus Ware- No brainer


ROLB: Terrel Suggs- No brainer


MLB: Ray Lewis- HOFer


MLB: Rey Maualuga- The Potential


SS: Troy Polamalu- Sadly


FS: Ed Reed- Sadly


CB: Antoine Winfield


CB: B-Mac- Yeah I said it


NB: Anthony Henry- Ballhawk


KR: Josh Cribbs


PR: Ted Ginn Jr.

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QB: Romeo Crennel


HB1: Romeo Crennel


HB2: Romeo Crennel


WR1: Romeo Crennel


WR2: Romeo Crennel


WR3: Romeo Crennel


TE: Romeo Crennel


LT: Romeo Crennel


LG: Romeo Crennel


C: Romeo Crennel


RG: Romeo Crennel


RT: Romeo Crennel







I'm taking the Cleveland Crennels to the superbowl their first year. :)

Our mascot: Entin-Family375869634140.jpg

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