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Browns - Bills game (what I saw)


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The band I play in was part of 5 bands performing a benefit for the Veterans Of The Vietnam War Wall that is being built in the city.

We were the 2nd band to go on.  There's 15 minutes for change of bands....except the drummer for the 1st band didn't use the kit that was there.  He had is own electronic drum kit.  And of course, he's on my side of the stage.  It had been madness, unloading equip., getting ready to lug it onstage and set up,  sound guy mic'ing my amp, sound checks for vocal mic's, guitar mic's, keys, monitors, etc.  I'm finally ready and awaiting a couple of drum checks................

I'm center stage, the room is crowded and noisy,  I look around and notice there's a big screen TV with a football game on.  There's a ball sailing in the air......it's headed toward the goal post......it skims by.....it's no good......I'm noticing the end zone.....I'm like, That's the Browns end zone......WE WIN......I start, into the mic,  Browns Win!  Browns Win!  -  Nobody knows WTF I'm talking about :).  Nobody's watchin' the TV  (it's New England).....except me, from the stage!   LOL    I turn to the guys, "Hey, the Browns just won!"   They don't know what the hell I'm talking about....they're all busy getting set to play.   

......A few seconds later,  It's four counts by the drum sticks, and we're off into Handle With Care by The Traveling Whilbury's.   We played a dozen songs really well.....and it was sweeter knowing that The Browns Won!!   LOL

Soooo,  that was all I saw of the game until I got home and decompressed on the couch....with my laptop....and watched the highlights.

Mod's, you can delete this..........but I just thought the whole coincidence was kinda' Browns Cool.......on GameDay.    (It's one of those things that you'll just never ever forget) 

Go Browns!  Run The Table!  :)

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8 hours ago, hoorta said:

Nah, always glad to see stuff where people can share. We were at a Browns hangout- Elsa's Mexican Cantina- and when the kick went wide the place went nuts- with a humongous sigh of relief....  

I'm watching it streaming with a minute or so delay with another game on the big screen TV when my wife walks in and sees they just switched it to the Browns game. She says, "The Browns are winning?? Is that other team trying to tie it?" I look up and see the switch and just tell her to sit and watch while I'm deleting out the stream on the computer. So live from Cleveland I watch the hook left at the very end and celebrate with a huge sigh of relief that we finally had something fall our way after so many Lucy Football episodes. Go Browns!!🏆🤩

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1 hour ago, OldBrownsFan said:

I had to listen to the game on radio/internet. In my part of Ohio we were graced with CBS televising the Bengals getting blown out by Baltimore. I guess that is a step up from other times our local CBS station has given us English cricket games vs. televising the Browns...ugh. 

If that ever happens again on gameday hop in the tavern. I will give you a link to a popup free stream. You'll be 3 plays behind live but still get to watch it on your phone laptop or even screen share it to your TV 

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