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Brady Quinn will FAIL


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I dont really mean this or even think this. After the election last night and BQ supplanting DA I feel like i need something to argue over.


Here are the reasons he will fail.


I dont know how he will play in the NFL

He is good looking

EAS and Subway pressured Savage and Lerner by sending Goons to "talk" to them.

He is a Domer and not a Buckeye

I disagree with Greythan on almost everything so I dont want to start agreeing with him now

Lumbergh secretly is practising voodoo rituals..... (kidding LUms)

The center LIkes DA's large man hands versus Brady's.....

STallworth was pro BQ and was just holding out

BE secretely still harbors hate for ND and his college days so he has been dropping passes to expose BQ for a crappy domer

RAC told me so secretly

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Actually here are some serious reasons why BQ may have problems.


Key injuries to skill players IE: stallworth, Sanders and steptoe are not quality recievers? who knows maybe BQ chemistry and timing will be better with them. He did play with them in preseason.


The running game does not improve: Jamals 66 yds per game average and 3 total tds over 8 games is miserable


Steinbach needs to play, without Tucker for the rest of the season pluggin in backup tackles on both spots would be VERY bad for us


BE: if he continues to drop we only have ONE consistent reciever who happens to be a tight end.


Playcalling becoming extremely predictable, run, run, pass is not very hard to guess.


All of these things compound on our defense being out on the field longer and fatigue factor playing out in the second half and especially the 4th quarter.

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