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Moves that should be made today tomorrow or SOON


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It's just time to get LaPorta here


He needs the consistant ab's here this season so he can feel comfortable next year.


Marte why the hell not? and let these guys play



Here is the best Idea of what I have read about what may come down

in the next day or the coming days. especially since the GM has been in Columbus

a lot lately.


From Tony Lastoria


- LaPorta in, one of the 13 relievers out (take your pick among Gosling, Veras, etc), and Francisco to a 4th OF role.


- Marte in, Gimenez to Columbus


Second move will come when they trade Pavano here in the next few days before the deadline (I am making the assumption he will be dealt...he has to be dealt):


- Pavano out, Carmona in


Somewhere inbetween all that or shortly after, Sowers in and Ohka out.


That's it, that's all I really expect until roster expand on Sept 1st.



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Rosenthal says.....


You hear it over and over: Teams do not want to take on money.


Yet, the lack of enthusiasm for second-tier starters extends even to Indians right-hander Carl Pavano, who has a $1.5 million salary plus $5.3 million in incentives, many of which will be difficult for him to reach.


True, Pavano was largely a no-show with the Yankees, but take away four poor starts with the Indians, and he has a 3.15 ERA in his other 14. He would be worth a shot for a team such as the Brewers -- and, ahem, maybe even Joe Torre's Dodgers.



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No argument here. Of course, Pavano had to go out and give up 7 earned tonight and we lose even more of our trade leverage. Really, no one besides Cliff is doing us any favors in terms of trade value.


But like I just said in another thread, once the trade deadline passes and we have a clear picture for the rest of the year, we should (hopefully) start to see some of the young guys. There's simply no reason for Garko and Francisco to be taking ABs away from LaPorta, Brantley, etc.


The stats say Lewis (13 IP, 0 ER, 8 H, 5 BB, 20 K) and (Rafael) Perez (13.2 IP, 0 ER, 14 H, 3 BB, 13 K) have been tearing up Columbus, but it doesn't seem like Wedge and Shapiro are impressed. I really can't understand the slightest reason for it, considering what we have in our big league pen. Lewis, R Perez, C Perez, and Sipp (hell, even Hermann) should be getting every chance they can get to show what they have.

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