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See my current Avatar.   Some of you may have actually seen it live and in person.....it is a slightly famous sign.   But, FYI, that sign was designed and built by a high school classmate of ours    (Myself and Westside Steve).     Here is another view:


I am headed there at the end of the month.

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4 hours ago, FairHooker11 said:

no kidding?  wow  - have family that escape minn winters for a few months to go there

I personally want to move to Flagstaff  near the Grand Canyon

Flagstaff gets a lot of snow....much more than Sedona.  Of course, 80 miles to the south in Phoenix I suggest they don't get any.   I may see some snow when I am out there. 

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My current Avatar, for a few days anyway.....is THE largest Gold Nugget ever found.   This thing weighs like 61 pound  11 ounces and is worth over 1.5 million dollars.    It is on display at....where else:   The Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas.

It is not that old, in terms of when it was discovered.  Found in Australia in about 1980. 

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