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Playoffs In and Out

The Gipper

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This season, like every other season but one in the last 25 years at least  (since they went to the 6 and 6 playoff format).....there have been at least  5 teams that have turned over who have participated in the playoffs:

The Following 5  teams made the playoffs last year but did not make it back this year:

Chargers,  Colts,  Bears, Cowboys, Rams

The Following 5 teams did not make the playoffs last year, but did make it this year:

49ers,  Packers, Vikings, Titans,  Bills

These 7 teams made a return visit to the playoffs:

Chiefs, Patriots, Texans, Ravens, Saints, Seahawks, Eagles



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Also, now, think about the QBs who are now part of the Final 8 teams.   Most of the old guard got booted.   No Peyton, of course, now no Brady, no BR, Brees out.   We have

Ryan Tannehill

Lamar Jackson

Patrick Mahomes

DeShaun Watson

Fairly all new blood in the AFC.

The NFC still has some tried and true and some fresh meat:

Aaron Rodgers

Russell Wilson

Kirk Cousins

Jimmy Garrapolo


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