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PLAYOFF WEEK 3 - AFC and NFC CHAMPIONSHIP,  injury reports and NFL news. Sunday January 19 lines.

The early lines both 7 and 7.5 point home favorites.



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And the other big game Monday, some money coming in on Clemson and other news.

Clemson relaxes alcohol rules for party? What's that about?  https://www.vegasinsider.com/college-football



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Ok the Clemson party rules........

CLEMSON, S.C. (AP) The city surrounding Clemson University is again relaxing its open container of alcohol laws for a street party as the school's football team plays in the national championship game Monday night.



City of Clemson Police will close downtown streets at 5 p.m. and set up viewing screens as Clemson takes on LSU in the College Football Playoff national championship game.

Open containers of alcohol are prohibited by city law, but those rules will be lifted in the party area, police said,

No outside alcohol can be brought to the party, police said.

The party and the suspension of the open container law ends at midnight. In a tongue-in-cheek Facebook post, Clemson Police said they will continue to arrest anyone who destroys property or breaks other laws.

''All other laws and ordinances are in effect and no one wants to celebrate the night with a shiny pair of matching bracelets. We have new officers, their handcuffs are new, which means they haven't been stretched out yet and aren't as comfortable,'' police wrote in their post.

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Tennessee Titans.    No Championship since 1961 as the Houston Oilers  AFL (should it really count if it was in another city?) (last/only  appearance  as either Tits or Oilers was in 1999...loss to St. Louis Rams)

......they also won the 1960 AFL title....2 titles in their history.

Kansas City Chiefs.   Last Title was SB IV  win over Minnesota Vikings .   That was also their last appearance in the title game.

.....this franchise, as the Dallas Texans, also won the 1962  AFL Championship.  2 titles

San Francisco 49ers.  Last Title was 1994 win over San Diego Chargers.   Last appearance was 2012 SB loss to Ravens.

.....49ers have won  5 SBs so 5 overall titles.    4 with Montana, 1 with Young at QB

Green Bay Packers.    Last Title was 2010 win over Steelers.   Also last appearance. 

.....the Green Bay Packers have won  13 championships in their history.....more than any other single franchise.

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5 hours ago, Tour2ma said:
  • Taking SF (-7)...
  • Loving TN (+7.5)...
  • Can't believe the Nat Champ game O/U is 80... taking the under.
  • LSU (-5.5) works for me.

The LSU concensus has actually come down to -4.5 and the vegasinsider o/u at 66.5 with a lot of prognosticators thinking they will both score well into the 30s each.

And of course you can get them individually.  https://www.vegasinsider.com/college-football/story.cfm/story/1998478



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Just now, Tour2ma said:

Seeing him in Cinci is going to kill me...

Yeah the 2020s quarterback division, the AFCN.

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At halftime for this big GAMEDAY I'm having a bologna and salami sandwich with baby Swiss on American rye with kosher dills and chips.

A little football and food mixed together.    :D

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There won't be any tiebreakers in our mania tonight but my pick was, for the record:

Tiebreaker: National Championship Score

3Clemson Tigers14-0.   38

1LSU Tigers14-0.   36

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27 minutes ago, mjp28 said:

Geeezzzus this Burrow kid is good.

LSU 28 Clemson 17, wow.   45 points? Chalk up the over 66.5 now.

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9 minutes ago, mjp28 said:

LSU 35-25 with 05:13 left in the 3rd.  Burrow back.

Uh-oh Houdini is back.

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5 minutes ago, gumby73 said:

LB-Skalski. redshirt JR.. part animal-lynic, and we need one of them

... and looks like a kid that's not going to blow away the Combine so he should be on the board a while.

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LSU is pushing Clemson back on their heels.  Clemson will need some breaks to get back into the game.

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