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Bo Pelini heading back to LSU? It could be in play, per report. 


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Bo Pelini heading back to LSU? It could be in play, per report.   NBC. Also on local TV news, brother to take over at YSU?

By Kevin McGuireJan 20, 2020, 6:27 PM EST

LSU needs a defensive coordinator, and Bo Pelini could potentially be the answer. According to a report from Football Scoop, the one-time LSU defensive coordinator could be a leading candidate for the job in Baton Rouge.

Given his defensive track record, Pelini and LSU could be a solid match, and it has certainly worked out well before. Pelini was LSU’s defensive coordinator from 2005 through 20078 before he was given the opportunity to be a head coach at Nebraska. The Cornhuskers were coached by Pelini from 2008 through 2014 with a handful of appearances in the Big 12 and Big Ten championship game, although with no conference title to show for it.

Pelini was let go as head coach at Nebraska after the 2014 season. He has been the head coach at Youngstown State since 2015. After a few disappointing seasons, a chance to jump back to the FBS, and to do so with the defending national champions, could be a good move for Pelini. If LSU and Pelini see eye-to-eye, then this could be as good a replacement at defensive coordinator as LSU could have asked for.

LSU has a vacancy at defensive coordinator after Dave Arranda accepted an opportunity to be the new head coach at Baylor following LSU’s national championship run.


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Report: Bo Pelini a candidate to replace Dave Aranda as LSU defensive coordinator

  • STAFF REPORT    PUBLISHED JAN 20, 2020 AT 3:57 PM | UPDATED JAN 20, 2020 AT 4:11 PM

Bo Pelini, who served as LSU's defensive coordinator under Les Miles for three seasons, is reportedly a strong candidate to replace Dave Aranda, according to FootballScoop.com, a Baton Rouge-based group that closely monitors college football coaching turnover.

Pelini has been the head coach at Youngstown State since 2015. He was fired as Nebraska's head coach in 2014 after seven seasons.

Aranda was introduced as Baylor's head coach Monday.

Pelini, who was hired at LSU in 2005, left for Nebraska after LSU defeated Ohio State in the 2007 national championship game.

In three years with the Tigers, Pelini’s defenses produced four NFL Draft picks along with six first-team All-America selections, which includes defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey and safety Craig Steltz in 2007.

This is a developing story. More details to come.



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Bo Pelini texts Ohio reporter there's 'no' truth to him being LSU football DC candidate

Bo Pelini


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Oh just FYI the numbers behind Bo Pelini getting fired at Nebraska and becoming HC at YSU........    ;)

Pelini's contract: $7.65 million owed through February 2019

Nebraska was able to agree to final terms with Pelini after he recently signed his four-year contract with Youngstown State, which will pay him $213,894 annually. Pelini made $3,075,000 in his final year at Nebraska.

“At this point, all parties are glad to have this resolved,” said David Witty, NU’s senior associate athletic director, marketing and communications. “Everyone can now go forward in their endeavors.”

All told, the Nebraska buyout will cover almost $6.54 million for Pelini, who was fired Nov. 30 after seven seasons as the Huskers’ head coach. NU would have owed around $7.9 million before calculating the mitigated earnings, which Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst previously said would come from department reserves.

Nebraska had been paying Pelini $150,000 monthly since his dismissal, as required by terms of his contract. NU will pay him $51,519 for April after adjusting for income already earned at Youngstown State, where he was hired on Dec. 16.

The $21,991 deducted per month comes from a combination of $17,824 in base salary and $4,167 in marketing compensation at Youngstown State. The marketing compensation, for $50,000 annually, covers television and radio, speaking engagements and sponsorships.

Should Pelini’s compensation change during the term of the agreement — either at YSU or elsewhere — Pelini is to inform Nebraska within 30 days and the university would adjust the remaining payments accordingly.

The agreement is signed by Pelini and John Jentz, NU senior associate athletic director/chief financial officer.

Pelini went 67-27 at NU, replacing Bill Callahan after the Huskers had gone 27-22 and twice missed bowl games over the previous four seasons.

The contract for Pelini, unlike that of Callahan, did not call for his compensation to be paid by a specified point. It also allowed for the amount still due to be mitigated by future earnings.

After Callahan was fired on Nov. 24, 2007, it was stated that NU had 60 days to pay him a remaining amount of $3.125 million, which it did in one lump sum on Jan. 22, 2008. Callahan just a few days earlier had taken a job as assistant head coach/offense with the New York Jets.

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Dear ____________ (fill in your name). You have received a satisfactory performance appraisal in 2014 therefore we're extending your contact through 2019.

If we don't like you in 2015 we'll give you $7.65 million and say bye.

Sincerely, ___________ (fill in your name) person who agreed to this contract.     :lol:

"Is this a great country or what !". 

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